Some of the finest tourist destinations worldwide can be found in Arab countries. However, before you visit one of these places, you have to bear in mind a few things first. After all, these areas are heavily populated by Muslims and Islam is the main religion being observed in these spots. With that in mind, you have to know how you could blend in with locals prior to literally visiting an Arab country as a tourist or mere traveler. That’s because Muslims have ways of doing things that you may not be aware of and they have certain beliefs that strangers should be conscious of to avoid troubles. For some of the most practical travel tips that could let you visit and enjoy your stay at one of the Muslim destinations worldwide, please continue by reading below.

To blend in, you could wear Muslim attire. There is no law that prohibits tourists or travelers from wearing Islamic clothing so you do have the option of putting on what practitioners of Islam typically wear. To be exact, when visiting an Arab location, you could put on male or female Islamic clothing. For some muslim clothing options, you could do some research on the internet. Now, there are websites that sell Jubbas, Galabiyyas and hats that are being sold for men. There are also abayas, hajibs and even jewelries for Muslim and non-Muslim women. You should buy any of these if you plan to visit mosques since these establishments are where Muslims pray. Still, though, wearing the Islamic garments isn’t enough. If you wish to interact well with Arabs, you have to know their customs and respect them.

When visiting an Arab country, you should never attempt to bring with you food products that contain traces of pork. Never eat pig meat since Muslim people don’t eat pork. No restaurants in Islamic countries serve pork dishes. Besides that, you have to refrain from asking people for it too, to avoid offending locals. When you eat, make sure that you introduce food to your body with the use of your right hand as the left hand is considered by Islam to be unclean. When you’d be served with tea by the owner of a house, you should accept if it’s you can drink it to show that you’re someone who shows respect. Moreover, make sure that you don’t smoke indoors as well, as it is considered to be an impolite gesture.

Of course, you have to make yourself speak the Arabic language as well so that you could communicate with locals and also other foreigners. You don’t really have to be fluent in the said language, though; but, still, you have to know some of the most common phrases used in conversations plus to get help so that you’d be able to express what you mean to people when you need to be understood. But always remember to go over the unique laws observed in the Islamic country where you’d go to so that you’d also know what to avoid.

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